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New or used spa handover

Our spa technicians can educate you on the operation of your spa, enabling you to get the most out of your spa functions and using it in the most efficient way. This includes:

  • Setting all your filtration times and modes to the most efficient settings for you

  • Connecting your WIFI network to your spa and phone (if fitted)

  • Demonstrate to you the operation of all the top side controls, air control, water diverters, on/off valves, waterfalls, touch pads

  • Connect your spa's Bluetooth stereo and/or TV (if fitted)

  • Operation of all pumps, blowers etc

  • The best way to clean your filters, leaf tray, and spa acrylic surface

  • Demonstrate all the different light modes (if fitted)

  • Complete chemical training

  • Operation of your external gas or electric heat pump (if fitted)

  • Hard cover clip installation

  • Drain valve operation



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