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Book Your Essential Spa Repair or Inspection Today

Owning your own spa is ideal for enjoyable relaxation and therapeutic hydrotherapy for pain or muscle tension in the privacy of your home. It’s also perfect for entertaining and socialising while saving you time and money over the long term. In addition, you can often customise your home spa to suit your space and design preferences.

However, hot tubs need regular maintenance and occasional spa repair for optimal functioning. Concerns needing attention could include spa pump repair, a problem with the heating, power, or structural issues, or you may need a leaking spa repair. 

Book your repair or inspection to keep your hydrotherapy spa clean, safe, and in good condition. At the same time, always choose a reputable spa agency to ensure authentic parts and reliable work.

Fast and Efficient Spa Service and Repair

Our highly trained and experienced spa technician at Spa Plus can inspect and diagnose your spa fault to understand if it’s a heating, leaking, or power-tripping problem. For your convenience, we have the parts to complete your repair on the day to get your spa up and running — book now from $120. Alternatively, we can book the repair later to suit you. We are also available for emergency equipment replacement and spa repair in Mornington Peninsula.

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