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Small Spa Start up Kit.

Spa-Craft Chemical Kit Carton.
Small Spa Start up Kit.

Kit Includes:
1x 1kg Sanitiser
1x 500g Spa Shock
1x 500g Alk Increaser
1x 3 in 1 Test Strips

Small Spa Start up Kit.

  • The Small Spa Starter Kit from SpaPlus is the perfect solution for getting your spa ready. This kit includes essential products for maintaining and treating your spa, ensuring a clean and relaxing experience. It provides everything you need to keep your spa water balanced, clear, and sanitized. The kit contents may vary but typically include items such as spa shock, pH balancers, water clarifiers, and test strips. With this starter kit, you can easily and effectively maintain your spa water chemistry and enjoy a rejuvenating spa experience. Get your spa ready with the Small Spa Starter Kit from SpaPlus.

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